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Business Skills and Leadership Management

Our leadership management training course will develop new leaders within the construction industry to enable them to successfully project manage their time, staff, resources, materials and suppliers.
This course is suitable for small business owners that are growing, or looking to grow, their teams. It is also suitable for supervisors, team leaders, project managers, new managers or staff progressing into a management position.
It covers leadership, management, procurement and project management skills and their application to the construction industry. During the course you will understand why these areas are important in successfully completing a project, meeting customer expectations and maximising company profits.
This is an interactive course delivered through classroom-based tutorials and exercises, where you will be able to apply the principles you learn to your business/role.
The training is delivered in 6 sessions.


Sales Skills and Lead Generation

We have the most advanced lead generation appointment setting program available.

Imagine having a CRM system dedicated purely to your prospecting pipeline that actually collects those prospects, emails them automatically, invites them to set appointments with you and notifies you when those appointments are………….. welcome to Join the Dots!

This is a fully automated service that really does do all the prospecting processes that most business owners find most difficult; Leaving them to go and deliver their presentation and get more business.

Please visit if you haven’t already watched the 1 minute promotional video.

This programme isn’t just about getting you hot appointments either. With our partners up and down the country, we will help you to improve your conversion ratios with coaching on sales process etc… Join the Dots will free up time, save money and reduce stress.

Free up Time:

As you will be receiving an abundance of appointments on a daily basis, you will have the choice to eliminate any other client acquisition processes that you currently engage in such as Networking, sending emails, making telephone calls etc.

Save money:

The average business spends over £1000 on networking, devoting time and fuel costs etc getting to these meetings. Many also spend between £250 - £1000 per month using a social media expert with little or no ROI. Some spend money on lead generation / out bound telephony. With Join the Dots all of this will be covered and you need to do very little else.

If you are looking to grow our business, or you are a business coach/sales coach and would like to partner with us, get in touch and see how we can help.

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