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Sometimes there are instances when the installation of satellite broadband or an ethernet line is simply not possible. It may be that you are too far away from the exchange, or there may be large buildings in between, blocking the signal. This is why we provide business mobile broadband in Lincolnshire for a number of our clients, using a mobile data SIM.

We offer a range of 4G and 5G solutions, enabling you to connect to the internet no matter where your business is located. By supplying business mobile broadband via a voice and/or data-only SIM, we can keep your business online - reducing expensive costs associated with downtime. This versatile solution is a great alternative to fixed-line internet and with no physical transmission medium needed, deployment is fast and easy.

Our mobile voice and data network SIMs are perfect for:

  • Where broadband is needed in the home or office without fixed-line connections
  • Backup business mobile broadband for both the home and office
  • Internet connectivity where a mobile data signal is present
  • Cost-effective temporary internet coverage for events

Some of the benefits of mobile voice and data SIMs include:

  • Unlimited data allowance
  • Keep your business connected
  • Mobile minutes bolt-on packages also available
  • Available as monthly, or 1/2/3 year plans
  • No waitlist, we can get you connected immediately
  • Can also be used to back up a satellite connection

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