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What is VoIP? Voice over Internet Protocol, or VoIP, uses the internet or a cloud service to transmit your phone calls instead of a traditional phone line. Calls are made using a compatible VoIP handset. Plug in and dial any number worldwide and pay a fraction of the cost compared to a traditional business phone line. While onsite PBX's have been the traditional and most common way to own a business phone system, the availability of high speed data connections, the vast improvements of software and hardware stability and functionality have led to cloud based systems being the preferred telephony choice for businesses of all sizes. 

With a VoIP system you can access your landline via your mobile or laptop device so you never miss important calls while on the move. Our voice over IP phone systems work with any standard broadband internet service.

VoIP systems massively reduce capital expenditure cost. Moving away from an onsite PBX to a VoIP cloud solution can cut costs by hundreds of pounds a month.

Don't need a phone system? That's great, we can help you too. We can provide a cloud solution for 1 phone or even no phones! How about your landline number on your mobile that answers and dials out from anywhere in the world as if it was on your desk? Now that's flexibility!

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